Virtual Orator

What is Virtual Orator?

Virtual Orator is a revolutionary new technology for training public speaking skills. Maximize your training benefits, by practicing in the same situation for which you are training: speaking in front of people. Virtual Orator is a virtual reality simulator that creates the sensation of being in front of an audience.

Practice where, when and as often as you need. No more forcing your family, friends, or coworkers to endure five rounds of practice presentations. Our virtual audiences will take their place. Adjust the venue, audience size and behavior to fit your training needs; from starting out with a fear to perfecting that important presentation, Virtual Orator provides the right speaking experience for every need.

Practice in a variety of venues. Pick a space similar to where you will present, so you can ‘own’ the stage when you step in front of the audience. Or, Pick a venue and audience to challenge yourself.

Every time you start Virtual Orator, we invite a randomized audience. You choose the size of the crowd and their general behavior, from friendly to distracting and disinterested. Our software creates realistic situations, and our proprietary AI makes the virtual humans behave accordingly.

Use Cases

A virtual audience in a classrom is seen.

Overcoming Fear

A fear of public speaking is said to affect 70% of all people. Practicing speaking in front of people is universally viewed as the best way to overcome fear. Virtual Orator provides a safe and realistic way to experience public speaking.
An image of the feedback on eye contact performance provided in the VIrtual Orator interface.

Training Skills

Public speaking is craft, composed of many skills. They need to be trained and maintained, so on the big day you can use those skills. Virtual Orator provides a platform to train speaking skills and mechanisms to support that training.
A laptop with a slide presentation is seen in the forground with a virtual audience seated at the table.

Preparing & Honing

Prepare to speak in public. Even experienced speakers can hone presentations by practicing. With a realistic audience and setting practice is more effective. Rehearse your slide presentations. Challenge yourself with a hostile audience in a distracting environment.

A virtual audience member asking a question as part of a testing setup using Virtual Orator.


Testing public speaking skills can’t typically be done realistically, til now. Test training progress by repeating similar experiences and with objective feedback. Test the speaking skills of potential employees, before you hire them. For instance, sales reps can be tested in a realistic situation, with questions and interjections appropriate to your sales environment.


Realistic Audiences

Realistic Audiences

Your presentation experience is real. Our technologies transform avatars into Virtual Humans to simulate real speaking situations. You select the kind of audiences: kind/unkind interested/uninterested, etc., and Virtual Orator creates the audience to match.

Slide Presentations

Slide Presentations

Practice your slide based presentation by importing them. Slides are projected in all venues that support it. A laptop displays the slides in front of you.

Practice Often

Practice Often

Practice as often as you need. Our audiences always prepared and will attend your talk each time, as if it was the first time. Audience members are randomly selected from a large pool to ensure every rehearsal is unique; our AI assures the audience behaves slightly differently every time.

Audience Questions

Audience Questions

Trainers can record questions and interjections to be included in the virtual scenario. These can then be triggered at appropriate moments and will be spoken by a member of the virtual audience.

Choose a Venue

Choose a Venue

Practice in a venue that is similar to where you will be giving a speech. Challenge yourself in a larger venue with more people.

Record your practice

Record your practice

Virtual Orator includes an integrated ability to record the environment, a webcam, or both. Ideal for reviewing how you did or sharing with a off-site trainer.

Who’s Using Virtual Orator

RMIT University,
Institute for
Mental Health
Oakland City


Virtual Orator requires the use of a Head Mounted Display (HMD), aka. VR googles. Only by using such an immersive device, can we ensure that the presentation experience is realistic. This realism of the experience is what makes Virtual Orator so effective for training and overcoming fears. Currently only the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are supported (find out why). As other HMDs with full head tracking reach the market, we will add support.

PC requirements
Virtual Orator will run on any “VR Ready” PC. Please assure laptops are labeled VR Ready, as this can be an issue. Check your PC using the Oculus tool or SteamVR Performance test. Virtual Orator adapts visual and simulation quality to the performance of your machine.

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